List of Open Online Courses in Complex Systems and Systems Science

This list is hierarchically structured, updated every month, and attempts to be as full as possible. Within each section, courses are sorted by generality, difficulty (easy to difficult), and color key, in that order. Courses in some relevant fields are not listed here since they are often deemed as subfields of other disciplines; these include: artificial intelligence, dynamics (mechanics), cognitive psychology, bioinformatics, and evolutionary biology.

Last updated: 6/2019

Color key:

  • Free online course with a (free or paid) certificate of completion
  • Free online course without a certificate of completion
  • Paid online course with a certificate of completion
  • Paid online course without a certificate of completion

Some courses that offer certificates are only open for enrollment a few times a year.

General Introduction

Flavored Introduction

Systems Theory

Dynamics and Chaos

Pattern Formation

Collective Behavior

Adaptation and Learning


Social Networks

Game Theory

Biological applications

  • Origins Of Life – Sarah Maurer and Chris Kempes, SFI on Complexity Explorer

Systems Biology

Neural applications

Environmental applications

Health Science applications

Systems Engineering

Statistical Mechanics

Social applications

Business applications

Computational applications


Great courses that don’t qualify for this list


Open courses that are closed or removed


Please contact me or leave a comment if you find any new courses or broken links. Course inclusion criteria:

  • Must have a video or audio component
  • Must be produced by an accredited university or a professor working there or taught on a major MOOC platform
  • The language of instruction is English or has English subtitles
  • The course does not have to be free, but there should be no admission process

I have unpublished lists of economics, statistics, artificial intelligence, psychology, anthropology, and linguistics courses. Contact me if you would like to collaborate and publish those lists.


4 thoughts on “List of Open Online Courses in Complex Systems and Systems Science”

  1. Thanks a lot for posting this! I’m trying to get a deeper look into these topic since a couple of years and i needed something exactly like this. Thanks again. Much love from Berlin


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